Music Classes

Capoeira music is an essential part of Capoeira tradition. Combining singing with percussion, Capoeira music provides energy and rhythm to the game. Tales are told through songs sung in Portuguese, which convey Brazilian history and the history of Capoeira.

Instrument and Singing practice
Saturday 18th Feb: 11 am – 1 pm

For intermediate and advanced students
@ the London School of Capoeira, Finsbury Park

Students will be asked to bring their own berimbau to the class.
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music class

Capoeira Music class:
One Saturday per month
@ the London School of Capoeira, Finsbury Park
Instruments are provided. All levels welcome.

music class 3

About the music practice: during the lessons, the masters of the London School of Capoeira will cover the basic rhythms of Angola, São Bento Pequeno, São Bento Grande, Samba de Roda, Cavalaria and Iúna. The student will develop their skills further by playing the Berimbau and singing already known songs with other Capoeira players – sharing knowledge and ability.

music class 4

About the Capoeira music practice: during the music lessons, students will learn how to play the agôgô (cow bells), reco reco (the scraper), pandeiro (tambourine) and the atabaque (African Drum). Students will learn to play these instruments as part of the Roda de Capoeira’s bateria (the circle in which Capoeira takes place). Students will also learn Capoeira songs, history of the songs and how to sing in time with the instruments in the Roda.