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Sunday 22nd October – Crouch End Family Class for one member. Drop-in


Sunday Crouch End Family Class (one member family fee only, a fee for two family members is available – please return to the children main page)

From 10-11am

22nd October

These lessons are structured for the absolute beginner/new-comer to Capoeira and intermediate students. Lessons are taught with a fun approach and discipline!

The masters of the London School of Capoeira encourage the children during the Capoeira lessons to develop their physical abilities through the training of Capoeira. We teach Capoeira as a game of skill, creativity, fun and discipline. The training will include:

  • Capoeira warm ups,
  • Stretching,
  • Basic Capoeira acrobatics,
  • Turning kicks,
  • Evasive movements,
  • Mock up Capoeira sequences and
  • Capoeira games.

We also cover Capoeira as part of the Brazilian culture, teaching:

  • Capoeira songs
  • How to play Capoeira percussive instruments such as the reco reco (the scraper), the agogo (the cowbell), the pandeiro (the tambourine) and the atabaque (drum), maintaining a basic rhythm during the game of Capoeira.

Additional Information


On Sunday (please see available dates) from 10-11 am


At the Community Studio
Crouchend Picture House
165 Tottenham Lane
London N8 9BY

Tube station: Finsbury Park or Turnpike Lane
Buses: 91, 41 and W3


Can parents watch the class?
Parents are welcome to watch a class on the last day of the course when we celebrate the progress of their child /children.

What do we wear when we train Capoeira?
Please wear a pair of track suit trousers and t.shirt. Students who wish to repeat the course will be asked to join the London School of Capoeira by purchasing the LSC uniform.

Who teach the lessons?
Master Marcos or master Silvia with the help of one assistant.


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