20th LSCH Batizado 18th November

18th November, 3.30 – 7pm
With Master performances, Capoeira grading, workshops, live Rodas and passion for movement, music, culture and creativity.

An event for the whole family!

A Capoeira Batizado: it is a celebration in which capoeiristas are graded by experienced Masters and during which live Capoeira music, the “Roda” (the circle of Capoeira), and the jogo de Capoeira (the game), all contribute to a vivid and exhilarating cultural event.

Venue: IAMS Theatre, Turle Rd, London N4 3LS. For details: 020 7281 2020


Ticket collection: your ticket will be available for collection 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the event at the box office. The ticket will be reserved under your name, which you have used to purchase the ticket.

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