About the LSCH

The London School of Capoeira was established in 1988.

Master Silvia Bazzarelli and Master Marcos dos Santos, both graduates of the Association of Capoeira Senzala, Santos, Brazil, established the London School of Capoeira in 1988, as the first official capoeira school in the UK.

By 1991 masters Silvia and Marcos were running a full-time training studio dedicated to Capoeira, the first of it’s kind in Europe, based in Highbury Grove. Islington, London, UK.

Passo Co performing company was launched by the School in 1993 to explore the skills of experienced Capoeiristas, and capture the spontaneity of Capoeira movement.

The School achieved Registered Charity status in 1995, and in September 2000 the School opened a full-time space for Capoeira in Finsbury Park, North London.