Classes for Adult Beginners

The London School of Capoeira courses are structured for the absolute beginner and the returning student who wishes to go back to a basic class.
This step by step workshop will introduce the new comer to Capoeira and to ongoing lessons run by the London School of Capoeira.
No previous experience/fitness required.

We aim to help participants to:

  • Develop an awareness of the importance of thorough warm-up.
  • Develop core skills of co-ordination, strength, flexibility and stamina.
  • Teach Capoeira footwork, building on the movement basics of each general type (advancing, evading and basic Capoeira acrobatics).
  • Teach a Capoeira sequence of linked movements with a partner.
  • Teach some of the principles of the game of Capoeira
  • Teach how to apply the movements learned within the Roda (the circle where Capoeira takes place).
  • Develop the playfulness within us all

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who teaches the classes?
One of the two qualified masters; Master Marcos or Master Silvia with 50 years experience between them. The class is often assisted by trainee teachers with over two years teaching experience. Master Marcos and Master Silvia studied with the same Capoeira master, Master Sombra of the Association of Capoeira Senzala of Santos, São Paulo, Brasil.

What do I need to wear?
Participants will be asked to wear a pair of tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt – shorts are not allowed.
The London School of Capoeira uniform won’t be required for the first workshop attended at the LSC, but from the second course.

Can I visit the school to watch a class?
You are welcome to visit the London School of Capoeira and view a class. Please note that the LSC masters will be available to answer any of your questions regarding the lessons at the end of the class.

We are happy to help:
Please call 020 281 2020 or email:
The London School of Capoeira, Units 1 and 2 Leeds Place, Tollington Park
London N4 3RF / Finsbury Park tube station – Wells Terrace Exit
Victoria and Piccadilly lines