LSC Capoeira Herança Italia

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Caterina Violi started studying Capoeira in 2007 with Professor Lagartixa (Capoeira Ca Pra Gente) and later in 2009 joined the London School of Capoeira under Mestre Silvia Bazzarelli and Mestre Marcos Dos Santos. In 2015 she was awarded the Monitora grade (cordão branco e verde) from the Masters of the London School of Capoeira.

Over the years, Caterina has been training in a style of Capoeira which is fluid, versatile, visually impressive and technically demanding. She has taken part in a number of events and workshops with masters of international calibre, performed in a number of cultural and artistic events worked on projects with children and young people in schools in and around London.

Today, Capoeira is very much an integral part of Caterina’s life, something she is committed to carrying on and passing on to others.

About LSC Capoeira Herança Italia
In September 2015, having moved back to Italy after more than twelve years in the UK, Caterina set up LSC Capoeira Herança Italia under the supervision of the Masters of the London School of Capoeira.

Monitora Caterina runs the school with the help of Formado Andrew Tilling, offering lessons for adults and children in the cities of Follonica and Grosseto (Southern Tuscany) and is the first one of the LSC lineage permanently based in Italy.

LSC Capoeira Herança currently runs the following classes:

For Adults
Monday & Wednesday, 20.00-21.30, Palestra Iron Club (Via dell’Industria 336) Follonica (GR)
Tuesday & Thursday, 19.30-21.00, Scuola di Ballo Buena Vista (Via dei Barberi 108) Grosseto
For Children
Monday, 16.45-18.00, Palestra Iron Club (Via dell’Industria 336) Follonica (GR)

Contact details
Tel: (+39) 345 5095867