LSCapoeira Charity

The London School of Capoeira (LSC) champions wellbeing, health and a positive lifestyle through the practice and promotion of Capoeira and works to establish Capoeira as a mainstream art form in the UK.


The London School of Capoeira Charity was established in 1995 to promote Capoeira as a cultural instrument as well as an educational tool. The charity reaches out to communities and individuals, facilitating joyful learning experiences of one of the most popular and enriching elements of the cultural heritage of Brazil,  Capoeira

The directors and members of the LSC work together to promote these values (wellbeing, health and positive lifestyle) through the art of Capoeira among children, adults, senior adults and minorities groups. Our work is extensive covering primary and secondary schools, arts and sport centres, theatres and museums in London and throughout the UK.


Contact details:

020 7281 2020