Mestre Sombra and Mestre Liminha


Mestre Sombra and Mestre Liminha: 24 minutes

CD and booklet included,  with words in Portuguese and English translation.

List of Songs and interviews:

1. Minha fé em Deus
2. Saudaçāo
3. O meu mestre mandou
4. Na beira do mar
5. Pisa no massapé
6. A pomba voou
Includes an Interview

Mestre Liminha
1. Minha Capoeira antiga
2. Paraná
3. Viola meu bem
4. Sua energia é forte
includes an Interview

Recorded live in 2001 and 2002 at the LSCH and at the Mermaid Theatre, in London.
Produced by the London School of Capoeira Herança.
Thank you to all who were present.
Chorus: Contra Mestre Agnes, Contra Mestre Gerard, Contra Mestre Luana, Contra Mestre Michel, Mestre Bahia, Mestre Beija Flor, Mestre Bolāo, Mestre Braga, Mestre China, Mestre Ediandro, Mestre Geraldo, Mestre Marcos, Mestre Maria Pandeiro, Mestre Silvia, Mestre Valdir, Mestre Valtinho and the LSCH members.

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