What style of Capoeira do the LSC teach?

The masters of the London School of Capoeira were blessed with the teaching of master Sombra of the Association of Capoeira in Santos, São Paulo, Brasil. Master Sombra was born in Sergipe, Northeast of Brasil and emigrated to the estate of São Paulo as a young man. He set up shop in Santos where the largest port in South America is based. Many African Brazilian descedents traveled to the ports of Brasil looking for work and master Sombra was one of them. He created a beautiful style of Capoeira based on individuality –  all students were able to develop and improve their own style based on the technique taught at master Sombra’s school. The style is called Capoeira with strong connections with the most traditional Capoeira called Capoeira Angola, however the style played by his disciples is called Capoeira from Senzala of Santos.

Do I need to get fit before joining?

The honest answer is no. Capoeira lessons can sometimes feel challenging to some people, even to those who consider themselves fit. During our training we use all muscle groups, therefore exercising parts of the body which were never used before can feel a little sore after the first class but it won’t last long – it is actually a sign of your improving fitness. Students can develop at different stages and the masters of the LSC are qualified to help and support you during the first sessions here at the LSC.

What do I need to wear to class?

Please wear a pair of tracksuit trousers and a t-shirt – shorts are not allowed.
The London School of Capoeira uniform won’t be required for the first workshop attended at the LSC, but from the second course.

Is Capoeira a contact martial art form?

There are many styles of Capoeira and many approaches to the game. Some schools follow the martial art aspect, with more emphasis on the fight and contact between the players, others focus more on the Capoeira tradition and development of the game.

At the London School of Capoeira, we, the masters, like to guide students to develop their physical abilities, technique, discipline and respect for other fellow students during the training and game of Capoeira. The self defence and self preservation aspect is built into the training within a respectful environment.

Can anyone join Capoeira?

Capoeira is open to everyone. We run lessons for children as young as 6, for teenagers and adults. There’s a place for everyone who wish to learn and develop their physical abilities, rhythm, confidence, group work and musicality. We look forward to welcoming you at the LSC.

What is a “Capoeira Batizado”?

“A Capoeira Batizado” is a celebration in which capoeiristas are graded by experienced Masters and during which live Capoeira music, the “Roda” (the circle of Capoeira), and the jogo de Capoeira (the game), all contribute to a vivid and exhilarating cultural event.

When students identify themselves with a style or group of Capoeira, he or she will develop their technique, knowledge and discipline based on the chosen style and group. A Capoeira grading works as a milestone to the student’s development; it is a personal project that the LSC students are encouraged to work towards.

Students can develop at different stages and the masters of the LSC are qualified to help and support you during the first sessions here at the LSC.